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European Real Estate Forum

AREF are participants in the European Real Estate Forum (EREF).  EREF epresents a wide variety of organisations across Europe involved in the real estate sector.


Current members include:



Current initiatives include:

  • Responding to policy consultations on a range of issues including:
  • Solvency II and the EIOPA examination of capital requirements for physical assets and long term financing
  • In September 2014 EREF supported a call for an EU Urban Agenda (Read full response here).
  • 14 December 2018 - Guiding Principals for future EU-UK Relations: a real estate investment perspective - To ensure that the UK’s departure from the EU does not disrupt real estate investment in the UK and Europe, the Association of Real Estate Funds (AREF) and 15 other trade bodies have reiterated their call on the UK government to maintain market access and avoid additional barriers.

    John Cartwright, CEO, AREF said “Prolonged uncertainty and the potential for sudden changes because of Brexit is very disruptive to the Real Estate Funds Industry, which relies on long-term investment. AREF are committed to maintaining market access for our Members and Investors throughout negotiations and urge the UK/ EU Government to protect market integrity.” 

    Click here to read the full report. 


For further information on the European Real Estate Forum, please visit: