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AREF / IPD UK Property Fund Index Consultation

AREF hosted
Wednesday 15 August 2012

Date: 15/08/12

Time: 0800 - 1030

Drapers Gardens
12 Throgmorton Avenue

AREF and IPD would like to provide you with the opportunity to be part of a discussion about the proposed restatement of the AREF/IPD UK Pooled Property Fund Index.

On Wednesday 15th August IPD will be holding an industry consultation to help determine the future path of the index.

As documented in the Index Announcement of the 19th July, available on IPD’s website, IPD is proposing a one off restatement of the UK PPFI’s history in order to accommodate changes based on the following four criteria…

  1. Management fee correction
  2. The inclusion of full histories of Funds prior to the date they joined the index
  3. The possible reclassification of Funds by type, specifically addressing the inclusion of Secure Income and Long Lease Funds in the Balanced Fund category
  4. The effect of any Fund specific historical data corrections – on an ongoing basis these are an accepted by product of working with a frozen set of index results that provides continuity and stability for its users.

IPD believes that with the maturity of the index and the significance of the proposed changes, you as a member of the industry and user of the index should be given the opportunity to voice your opinions.

Please respond to to confirm your attendance and/or pass this email on the appropriate person within your organization. If you are unable to attend please do submit your comments via email.

IPD will be circulating a meeting pack to those who have signaled their interest by midday on Friday 3rd August.