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AREF/IPF/Green Property Alliance ESG Event

AREF hosted
Thursday 7 July 2016
08:30 Registration from 08.00am
Miles Keeping, Hillbreak
Cindy Rose, Aberdeen Asset Management
Olivia Muir, UBS Asset Management
REIT portfolio manager - TBC
 What investors want:
o Which ESG issues are most important for real estate
o Demonstrating understanding and management of ESG issues
o Linking ESG management to investment performance
 How investors measure ESG risks:
o How ESG issues are currently and will be affecting returns
o How ESG risks are measured and over what timescale
 The potential for ESG investment opportunities, e.g. Socially Responsible Investment Funds, green bonds
To reserve a place, please email
This event is for members only.
Eversheds LLP
One Wood Street
London EC2V 7WS