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End of Fund Life Project - Webinar

AREF hosted
Thursday 17 November 2016

For those who missed the End of Fund Life Project Launch, a webinar will take place on 17th November 2016, from 14:00 to 15:00 UK time.

In the past few years, a growing number of funds have reached the end of their life and the process to liquidate, restructure or extend has been undertaken.   The success of this procedure appears to have been somewhat mixed leaving some investors and fund managers, no doubt, frustrated and disappointed.

With the goal to offer practical support to the real estate industry when approaching the end of a fund life, AREF, INREV and IPF joined efforts and went through an extensive consultation with the real estate industry.

Through this webinar, led by Deborah Lloyd of Deborah Lloyd Consulting and Rachel Portlock, you will have the chance to get an insight on the project findings and to gain a good understanding of the guiding principles and best practice recommendations behind the end of fund life process.

The webinar will cover:

·         Scope and aim of the report

·         Guiding principles

·         Best practices and real case examples

Participants will follow along in real time from their computers. A few days prior to the event Adobe information will be sent directly to the delegates.

Internet, PC and PC microphone are required to join the course.

To register, AREF members should email: