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LGPS Investment Pooling: Implications for Property -IPF/AREF Joint Seminar

AREF hosted
Wednesday 9 November 2016

In mid-2015 it was announced that the 90 Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) administering authorities would be pooling their investments in order to reduce costs while maintaining overall investment performance.
Earlier this year, each authority was required to identify other authorities with which to ‘pool’ and then submit proposals to government as to the operation of the respective pooled scheme, having regard to four criteria:

1.    Benefits of scale – pools of £25bn or more;
2.    Strong governance and decision-making;
3.    Reduced costs and excellent value for money; and
4.    An improved capacity to invest in infrastructure.

This seminar considers the implications of the LGPS mergers for direct and indirect property investment.

Members can download a copy of the presentation slides by clicking here (you will need your website password)

DAC Beachcroft
100 Fetter Lane, London