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Rockspring Hanover Property Unit Trust

Westcott Solar Park

Westcott Solar Park

Westcott Solar Park Leatherhead House St Nicholas, Lancaster Tower Wharf

The Trust’s objective is to provide long term above average performance by creating a diversified, balanced fund which aims to optimise exposure to income and capital growth throughout the property cycle. The portfolio is actively managed and largely comprises core and core plus assets, which are liquid and offer stable or above average income returns that can be enhanced through active management or have above average growth potential. These are supplemented by more management intensive projects which have a higher risk profile but are intended to provide enhanced returns. Strong emphasis is placed on stock selection and energetic management of assets to maximise performance and to deliver a high portfolio income return. The Trust’s performance benchmark is the three-year median return to the Other Balanced Property Fund component of the AREF/IPD UK Quarterly Property Fund Index

Fund Information

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Type of Fund
Unauthorised property unit trust
Date Established
Total number of Unitholders
Total Net Assets (£m)

Portfolio Information:

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Management/Professional Advisers:

Rockspring Hanover Real Estate Investment Management Ltd
Property/Asset Manager or Advisor:
Rockspring Property Investment Managers LLP
Investment Manager or Advisor:
Rockspring Hanover Real Estate Investment Management Ltd
Unit Trust Manager (if applicable):
Rockspring Property Investment Managers LLP
Knight Frank
BNP Paribas Securities Services
Deloitte & Touche
Property Fund Vision Handbook
Updated 17 July 2017