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Investor Committee

The AREF Investor Committee comprises various investors and advisors who invest in the constituent funds of the AREF / IPD UK Quarterly Property Fund Indices.  The Committee comments on topical industry issues and escalates the most serious concerns up to the AREF Management Committee / Board.  Recent subjects of discussion have included: the AREF Questionnaire Working Group; the AREF Articles of Association; the AREF Secondary Market Working Group; GRESB; fire safety; Local Government Pension Scheme (LGPS) pooling; cyber security and a review of the Indices rules.  The immediate aftermath of the European referendum vote and the future implications of Brexit have also been a major focus over the last twelve months.

AREF Investor Committee members are often called upon to contribute to AREF and wider industry projects, such as the recent End of Fund Life consultation and report.

The composition of the Committee is reflective of the investors in the AREF / IPD UK Quarterly Property Fund Indices.  Over recent years there has been a significant increase in overseas investors into UK real estate funds.  The Committee would welcome representation from overseas investors who are willing to be active participants in the group.

Investors (in AREF member funds) wanting to contact CEO/Investor Committee should email:

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