Code of Practice 2022

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If you have any questions relating to the Code of Practice, please email Jacqui Bungay by emailing:

The AREF Quality Mark

Further information about the AREF Quality Mark can be found here.


If you are an investor, have concerns about the compliance with the Code of an AREF member fund in which you invest, and have not been able to reach a satisfactory resolution with the manager, please email AREF on


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Neither AREF or its group shall have any liability for any losses, including but not limited to damages, pure economic losses, fines, penalties, costs, claims, liabilities, loss of income, charges, demands, obligations,  information, opportunity, goodwill or reputation, and/or expenses of any kind (including professional advisors’ costs, legal costs and disbursements) of whatever nature howsoever caused, suffered or made against a defaulting member arising out of or in any way related to as a result of investigation into the member fund’s compliance to the code, and/or any action taken against the member fund (including but not limited to private or public letters of censure or suspension from membership) as a result thereof.