07 Jan 2022

In the last 2 years MSCI has put a lot of effort to improve the efficiency of the data provision process.  On the UKPFI front, a new interface (My Data Manager) has been launched to facilitate data exchange and validation. On the PFV front, improved processes have allowed the PFV Data Collection Template to be almost fully pre-populated. This has allowed to move forward the release of the PFV by 20 business days.

But there is still room for further improvement. It is of paramount importance that clients follow deadlines for data provision and data sign-off. Each individual fund delay puts extra pressure on the production, which threatens the quality of the data and may create delays in release. MSCI has recently implemented a new process, where an email is sent to all funds that have breached deadlines on a repeated basis. In the interest of the Index and PFV, please make sure that you adhere rigorously to the deadlines.

Please find below the deadlines for submission to the MSCI/ AREF UK Property Fund Index for Q1 2022.. 

Submission & signoff deadlines

  • Data submission deadline 12th April 2022
  • Fund sign off deadline 13th April 2022

If these submission and signoff deadlines are not met a fund risks not being included in the index for this quarter.

Release deadlines

  • Quarterly index release at 15.00hrs on 20th April 2022
  • Release of the digest on 20th April 2022


Hélène Demay

Hélène Demay

Executive Director, Client Coverage, MSCI

Hélène works in the Real Estate part of MSCI, where she heads the team of UK Client Consultants. Hélène has worked at MSCI, formerly IPD, for 13 years. She has held several positions over the years, both in Coverage and Product Management. Before working in the Coverage team, Hélène was instrumental in establishing a number of MSCI’s leading products such as the IPD Rental Information Service (IRIS) and the Global Property Fund Index.