23 Jul 2019

Over the past 12 months, MSCI have been working to streamline the production of Property Fund Vision (PFV). The latest PFV for the second quarter is due to be released on 6th September 2019. At 49 working days post quarter end, this is 15 days ahead of the release of PFV 12 months ago. The data is now in excel format allowing the user to utilise the output much easier than in the past.

In order to facilitate the earlier release date, MSCI is pre-populating a significant amount of the data in the report alleviating much of the burden on managers to provide figures where they have already done so for the quarterly UK Property Fund Index. PFV is an important document relied upon by a wide array of users. These improvements should help to enhance its reputation and AREF welcomes the changes.


Justin Brown

Justin Brown

Managing Director, BlackRock

Justin is the Chair of the AREF Research & Information Committee. 

Justin is Managing Director at BlackRock, and a member of the Real Estate Team and Portfolio Manager of the BlackRock UK Property Fund. He is responsible for management and performance of the Fund. He leads a team of investment professionals dedicated to the management of the Fund.
Justin joined BlackRock from UBS Global Asset Management in 2012. He has worked within the UK property industry for 18 years focusing primarily on fund management and investment.
Justin has a Bachelor of Economics degree from University of Tasmania (Australia) and a Post Graduate Diploma in Estate Management from Southbank University. He qualified as a Chartered Surveyor in 2000.