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Isabelle Hease, Elandi

As Head of Research and Analytics at Ellandi, a UK retail focused specialist investment and asset management group, Isabelle’s team is responsible for delivering market leading research with a focus on macro patterns impacting retail, portfolio performance analysis, tenant trading and customer insights.
During her time at Ellandi Isabelle has established a Research and Analytics framework including occupier profiling, competitor benchmarking, sector trend analysis and portfolio performance analytics which has helped inform development and investment strategies, asset management, planning, and leasing.
The outputs produced through her development of the business’s retail and portfolio performance models have helped investors drive forward their strategic objectives as well as to help reduce costs, minimise risk and increase income.
She also frequently speaks at industry events and conferences, publishes industry reports and appears in the media commenting on issues relating to the UK retail and investment market.
Isabelle has been at Ellandi since 2015, prior to which she worked as a financial analyst with a focus on capital markets for several investment banks.
Isabelle Hease, Elandi