The voice of the real estate funds industry

For years, the Association of Real Estate Funds has been recognised by regulators, tax authorities, policy makers and industry bodies as the leading voice of the real estate funds industry.

Much of AREF’s engagement with these is driven by the work being done by our various committees. AREF members benefit from this extraordinary resource, drawing on the committee members’ extensive breadth and depth of expertise and experience. Furthermore, events and workshops are organised to discuss and take on board the wider membership’s views.​

Consultations & Engagement

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Public Policy Committee

We act as the collective voice of the real estate funds industry, working with policy makers, tax, regulatory & other official bodies.

Optimising the operational environment

Bringing all the industry stakeholders together, AREF aims to influence the evolution of the real estate funds industry and optimise the operational environment for our members, protecting investors. We actively encourage all our members to engage, not just on any specific current affair but also with identifying important issues for AREF to take up on their behalf.

Enhanced resources

Since April 2019, AREF became a Special Member of the Investment Association (IA). Having access to the IA’s considerable policy team, substantially enhances the resources available to AREF and its members.

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