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Tax webinar: Qualifying Asset Holding Companies

Friday 6th May 2022

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The UK funds regime considers reforms which hold the potential to have positive outcomes for the financial sector and enhance the UK’s competitiveness as a location for asset management and for investment funds. One of the early outcomes of this review is the introduction of a new tax regime for Qualifying Asset Holding Companies (QAHCs), available from 1 April 2022.

Join us for this interactive webinar, with expert speakers exploring the tax regime for QAHCs.

Speakers will present on:

  • Background to the regime
  • Qualifying criteria
  • Tax benefits of QAHC status
  • Who does the regime appeal to?
  • What does this regime provide that wasn’t catered for before?
  • What further changes to the UK funds tax regime may make the QAHC more attractive to investors?

This will be followed by an interactive panel discussion/ Q&A session.

Confirmed speakers

  • Moderator – Leonie Webster, Tax Partner, Deloitte
  • Panellist - Christopher Austin, Head of Tax, Private Assets at Schroders
  • Speaker - Oli Jones, HMRC lead on the UK Funds Regime
  • Panellist – James McCredie, Partner at Macfarlanes
  • Speaker and panellist – Matt Parry, HMT lead on the UK Funds Regime 

Christopher Austin

Head of Tax, Private Assets, Schroders

Christopher is an experienced tax advisor with over 20 years experience in the investment management industry.  He has been at Schroders since April 2006 and has expertise in a wide range of international taxes. Before Schroders he was at Deloitte for 8 years where he qualified as a Chartered Accountant and Chartered Tax Adviser, working in the banking, investment management, and real estate sectors as well as a period working on tax policy.

Christopher’s current focus is supporting the growth of the Private Assets business within Schroders through close working with the investment and product teams to meet investors' objectives and manage tax risks effectively, and providing tax due diligence and transaction support on acquisitions, both for the Schroders group and on behalf of investors.

Oli Jones

Technical and Policy Advisor - Financial Products team, HMRC

Oli Jones is a technical and policy advisor in the Financial Products team. One of the areas he is responsible for is the qualifying asset holding companies regime. He trained as an Inspector of Taxes and worked in compliance before moving into a policy role in 2014.

James McCredie

Partner, McFarlanes

James is a Partner in the tax group at McFarlanes. He advises on a wide range of tax matters, including the establishment of private equity, credit, real estate and other investment funds and their deal and investment structuring, the structuring of management incentive plans and partnership tax.

Matt Parry

Financial Services Taxation Lead , HM Treasury

Matt Parry is the financial services taxation lead in HM Treasury’s Corporate Tax Team. He joined the team in 2019, and has had responsibility for the direct tax elements of the government’s ongoing review of the UK’s funds regime. This has included working on the qualifying asset holding companies regime.

Leonie Webster

Tax Partner, Deloitte

Leonie is a Partner with over 17 years’ experience in corporate tax specialising in real estate.
Leonie has advised a number of clients on structuring and investing into European and global real estate funds. She has also provided tax advice in relation to several significant recent real estate transactions in the UK and Europe.
Leonie’s clients include large sovereign wealth and pension funds, institutional fund managers and family office clients.


Friday 6th May 2022


09.00hrs - 10.00hrs

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