07 Jan 2022

Investors are now asking funds to monitor and disclose their exposure to climate risk. MSCI has developed a tool that assesses the costs faced by RE portfolios generated by climate change. This financial approach measures both the physical risk (costs of damage generated by extreme weather) and transition risk (costs of decarbonisation).

MSCI proposes to calculate these risks for all funds in the UKPFI in order to create index-level analysis. This one-off analysis will be done free of charge for all funds contributing their climate data to MSCI. Please get in touch with your main contact at MSCI to be part of this exciting project. It would make the UK PFI one of the first indices to measure Climate exposure. It is also great insight into where the RE funds lie in terms of climate analysis.


Hélène Demay

Hélène Demay

Executive Director, Client Coverage, MSCI

Hélène works in the Real Estate part of MSCI, where she heads the team of UK Client Consultants. Hélène has worked at MSCI, formerly IPD, for 13 years. She has held several positions over the years, both in Coverage and Product Management. Before working in the Coverage team, Hélène was instrumental in establishing a number of MSCI’s leading products such as the IPD Rental Information Service (IRIS) and the Global Property Fund Index.