27 Aug 2020

We are delighted to announce that Mourant is the sole sponsor for the 'Capital Trends & Investor Makeup' (Past, Present & Future) Research Paper and online launch event, due out later in 2020. 

AREF has commissioned a research project, which aims to examine the evolution of the UK institutional real estate funds industry in the 10-years post the Global Financial Crisis and then consider what the coming 10-years has in store. Through numerous interviews with leading stakeholders in the industry, it will detail how the industry has evolved since the last global financial crisis, how the industry has adapted to the evolving needs of the investors,  and what the Real Estate Industry will look like over the next ten years in a post-COVID environment.  The paper will be launched at an online webinar event during Q4 2020, open to all AREF members.


Eve Holloway

Eve Holloway

Marketing Executive, AREF

Eve helps with the administrative side of AREF, including running events, updating the website and marketing.

Eve previously worked for The Investment Association. She has worked in financial services since 2013.