17 Aug 2023

On 18th August 2023, AREF members were invited to a hybrid seminar & webinar in Boston MA USA, which formed part of the DCALTA Convention, called: The US & UK: Two Markets Divided by a Common Challenge?

In terms of DC pension schemes allocating more to real estate and other alternatives, there are evolving challenges in the UK and the US.  

This combined seminar-webinar explored how do respective markets overcome market bias and operational impediments. What are the solutions in relation to issues like daily/non-daily dealing, valuations and appropriate investment vehicles. For example in the UK, will the LTAF succeed?

How can we in the UK learn from the US, and vice versa? Expert panellists have provided market insights and indicated solutions to the challenges on either side of the Atlantic.

AREF members can access the event recording on the DCALTA website using the link below (everyone will need to register to gain access).

Many thanks to all at DCALTA for allowing AREF members to attend.

View the Event Recording

Read more about the event here



Melville Rodrigues

Melville Rodrigues

Head of Advisory – Real Assets, Apex Group

Melville's practice focuses on the launch and operation of funds, including funds which hold underlying real estate investments in the UK as well as internationally. The funds have attracted institutional, private and retail investors.

In addition to servicing clients, he has been involved in representing industry bodies in their dialogue with the Treasury and the FCA. He is a regular contributor to the real estate press.