15 Dec 2020

Do you have new Graduates in your firm?  If so, then we’d be delighted to hear from them!

As part of your AREF membership, Graduates at your firm, along with any other FutureGen staff members, can join the AREF membership for free and become a member of the AREF FutureGen Network.

The FutureGen Network are working on their calendar of events for 2021, which are free for AREF members, as well as our new online virtual networking sessions (read more and register here).

We recognise the challenging environment for training and development, as well as valuable networking, at the moment for our younger generation in the industry. AREF would like to help address these issues – sign-up your staff members now (email us at info@aref.org.uk) so they can enjoy AREF member benefits.

Please forward this article to your Graduates and other future generation members of staff* and ask them to sign-up to AREF by emailing us at info@aref.org.uk.

We look forward to hearing from them.


*Future generation = staff in the first 10 years of their career / not in a senior management position


Clare Whyte

Clare Whyte

Head of Marketing & Events, AREF

Clare is responsible for all aspects of the planning, development and execution of the marketing strategy for AREF. 

Clare leads on event management, liaising with committees and members to schedule, plan and deliver an effective events calendar for the association.  She also has overall responsibility for brand, as well as the design, development and production of marketing across both digital and offline channels, including the website.