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June 2019

AREF introduces a new membership category for investors.

Why is AREF relevant to investors?
For some years, sound governance has been high on every investor’s agenda, perhaps now more so than ever. AREF’s Code of Practice hits that target square in the centre, promoting best practice, based on three key principles; operational integrity, transparency and accountability.

Our Code is widely recognised as the gold standard for corporate governance and transparency – effectively, our equivalent to the Stewardship Code. Every member fund of AREF has to sign up to the Code, moving them from mere statements of intent, to a much more demonstrable commitment to the high standards investors expect.

Has your investment got the AREF Quality Mark?
Once a fund has certified that they comply by our latest Code, issued annually, AREF verifies this and awards them with that year’s Quality Mark to use on client reports and marketing materials. This makes it much easier for investors and their advisers to discern which funds have signed up. We hope it gives investors some reassurance and helps them make better informed investment decisions. Read more about our Quality Mark here.

But why would an investor join AREF?
Much of what AREF is striving to achieve is ultimately for the benefit of the underlying investors. Further to establishing industry standards and promoting best practice, AREF acts as a forum, bringing people together to discuss and debate key issues, challenges and opportunities. Together with our lobbying activities, AREF seeks to optimise the operational environment for fund managers and help the industry adapt and evolve, protecting investors’ interests.

Investor Members have access to all our events, keeping you plugged into what’s happening in the real estate investment industry. You’ll receive monthly newsletters, industry updates and research papers.

Importantly, Investor Membership of AREF gives you a voice. Help set our agenda, either via our Investor Committee or through any one of our other eight committees.

As the real estate funds pay for membership, investors in real estate funds, and their advisers, join free of charge.  Register for free Investor Membership by emailing us at:

See below for details of Full Membership, Affiliate Membership and Associate Membership as well as benefits and eligibility.
If you work for a firm which is currently an AREF member, you have access to all the AREF member benefits.  Sign your colleagues up if they are not on our database already - email us: