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One of our key objectives is to ensure that investors and their advisers can be confident that our member funds and their managers offer a consistently high quality product and support service, and that we help to enhance the understanding of real estate funds by those users.

Our aim is to:

  • achieve high standards of transparency across the sector and promote consistency and comparability between funds.
  • provide a framework for good corporate governance within real estate funds.
  • promote standards of best practice regarding the content and format of reports, statements and other promotional documentation.
  • encourage increasing levels of disclosure by all member funds to existing and potential new investors. 

As part of this, we expect member funds to commit to the minimum standards of behaviour and transparency as set out in our Code of Practice, including contributing data to the AREF/IPD UK Quarterly PFI.  Our Corporate Governance Committee is responsible for achieving these aims, which includes overseeing and regularly reviewing the Code of Practice.