23 June 2021 12pm – 1pm + Add to calendar Webinar Webinar - hosted by the Society of Property Research

Society of Property Researchers
Webinar - Risk Management re-examined

Wednesday 23rd June 2021

Over the years SPR has examined many aspects of property-related risk, but had not yet focussed on risk management as a whole, something that is actually quite essential in any industry. After feedback from the membership this webinar will focus on what the biggest risks in property are and how have those risks have changed over time, as well as identifying, assessing and prioritising risks in the property sector.

The webinar will be chaired by former SPR president Robin Goodchild, who has been involved in risk management throughout the many decades in his career leading research with LaSalle IM, and who is also a visiting professor. Robin will be joined by Gerald (Gerry) Blundell, an SPR Fellow and also ex-LaSalle, amongst others, and the author of various publications on risk including the Risk Web. The Risk Web is still applied within the industry today. Gerry will be talking about how risk management is focused on looking back, using past data, and will cast his critical eye on uncertainty. What happens when there is no data to fall back on?

Blair Cameron from The Risk Partnership will set out what risk is – as views on this can differ – and will argue that taking risk is essential in the everyday life, including in property, and it’s about how it’s managed.

They will be joined by Socrates Coudounaris who has a long-standing background in risk management, works in reinsurance, is heavily involved with the Institute of Risk Management and spends time as a visiting lecturer at The Business School formerly known as Cass. He has learnt many lessons, and will share those with the attendees. After a brief panel discussion they will switch to a Q&A session wherein they will address the questions of the attendees on risk management best or bad practice.

This webinar is open to members of AREF Fund, Affiliate, Associate and Investor member firms.

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Wednesday 23rd June 2021

12.00 - 13.00hrs

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This webinar is FREE and open to all staff from AREF Fund, Affiliate, Associate and Investor member firms (view our list of members here).