The AEW UK Core Plus Property Fund will look for and capitalise on market inefficiencies. The Fund manager follows a “Core Plus” investment strategy. Core Plus is a specific investment style, which when used for real estate results in a more geared (i.e. leveraged) targeted return strategy with a potentially higher yield. Properties selected for investment may require a significant amount of asset management, but with greater potential for improvement and increasing the capital value of that property. The investment process is very stock focused and draws upon our strong active asset management capabilities. As a value investor, the AEW UK Core Plus Property Fund will look to buy attractively priced and/or good quality real estate at the margins of prime locations aiming to provide good risk adjusted returns over the long term.


CEO/Managing Director

Director, Fund Operations

Fund details

Type of fund
Property Authorised Investment Fund (PAIF)
Launch date
01 March 2012
Earliest date of winding up
Not applicable
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