The BlackRock UK Property Fund is an unclassified open-end unit trust based in Jersey and is an unregulated collective investment scheme in the UK. The current investment goals of the fund are as follows: • Seeks to outperform the average of similar institutional pooled vehicles by investing in a diversified range of property throughout the UK • Focus on sectors and geographies positioned to benefit from the structural drivers of future tenant demand (e.g., healthcare, industrials, Private Rented Sector, etc.) • Maintain core risk profile with an emphasis on income component of total return • Leverage scale and expertise to give investors access to strategies which are difficult to develop and manage directly (e.g., portfolio of GP surgeries, hotels, etc.)


Director, BlackRock Real Assets, Real Estate

Fund details

Type of fund
JPUT (Jersey Property Unit Trust)
Launch date
01 March 1982
Earliest date of winding up
Not applicable
Total number of Unitholders