The objective of the Fund is to provide indirect investment exposure to a diversified portfolio of property assets in the United Kingdom. Unitholders have a right to the income of the Fund, which is allocated monthly and paid at the end of each quarter. As Investment Advisor to the Fund, Columbia Threadneedle Investments follows a longstanding consistent investment approach to deliver long term outperformance against the Fund’s MSCI/AREF UK All Balanced Property Fund Index benchmark. We strive to be responsible stewards of our clients capital and the fund is managed in accordance with our longstanding ESG principles. We believe investing responsibly is complementary to our funds’ financial objectives, and our active management bias provides the best potential to deliver positive environmental and social impact alongside financial performance.


Property Fund Vision Fund Profile

Fund details

Type of fund
Property Unit Trust
Launch date
01 June 1967
Earliest date of winding up
Not applicable
Total number of Unitholders