08 May 2024

A high level summary of what's being discussed in recent committee meetings:

  • Nature - the Committee is currently working on a proposal that explains the need for biodiversity within the context of real estate. This will consist of a white paper and video. 
  • Impact investing - a paper is currently being drafted to provide education on impact investing.
  • GRESB training for AREF members - the Committee has been consulted on the provision of training for investors to improve understanding of the GRESB survey and how best to utilise the results; a video is being recorded and will be available through AREF's website. Similar provision to support fund managers in completing the survey to maximise output is also planned.
  • ESG Metrics in MSCI outputs - the Committee is supporting MSCI in its production of ESG metrics to be included in MSCI products, such as Property Fund Vision.
  • Stranded assets - a working group is currently drafting a paper considering the definition of stranded assets with an output targetted at fund managers.
  • SDR disclosures - it is proposed to set up a working group to consider how best to support the real estate funds industry in the implementation of the SDR process.
  • Lobbying - The Committee liaise with AREF’s Public Policy Committee on ESG & impact investing policy and legislative changes & AREF monitors and responds where necessary. View our industry consultation responses and other lobbying activity here.


Next meeting: 3 July 2024

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​If you have any event or project ideas or specific concerns regarding ESG that you would like raised at a future meeting, please contact Katie Jowett (by emailing [email protected]).   

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Katie Jowett

Katie Jowett

Fund Manager, La Salle Investment Management

Katie is the Chair of the AREF ESG & Social Impact Investing Committee. 

Katie is a Fund Manager within LaSalle Global Partner Solutions, having joined the team in 2010.  She holds a degree in Architecture from the University of Toronto, a MSc. in Real Estate from CASS Business School and the CFA Society of the UK, Investment Management Certificate. 

As well as being Chair of the AREF ESG & Social Impact Investing Committee, she is also Chair of the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) Advisory Committee and member of the United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative Property Working Group.