06 Jan 2021

RICS Material Valuation Uncertainty Leaders Forum (UK) met on 5 January 2021 and continue to recommend that material valuation uncertainty declarations are not generally required now that most of the UK is in lockdown again.

This recommendation is subject to the terms and criteria set out on the Forum’s webpage. It continues to reflect that some assets valued with reference to trading potential remain subject to use of such a declaration and that discretion in all cases remains with the valuer. 


Jacqui Bungay

Jacqui Bungay

AREF Policy Secretariat , AREF

Jacqui provides policy guidance and secretariat services to the AREF Board and AREF Management Committee as well as the following AREF Committees: Corporate Governance, ESG & Impact Investing, Investor, Public Affairs, Research and Information and Retails Funds. In addition, Jacqui monitors members’ compliance with AREF’s Code of Practice. 

Jacqui joined AREF in 2014 after working for over 25 years in fund compliance, client relationships and administration at Natwest Trustee & Depositary Services.