25 Jun 2019

This week sees AREF introducing a new membership category for investors.

While Investor Members will receive many of the benefits of AREF membership, they will not have the full rights of fund members.

As the funds the investors use have already paid to be members of AREF, the Investor Membership is being offered free of charge.

AREF has long sought the engagement of investors and their advisers to help set our agenda. In addition to our Investor Committee, investors have a seat on a number of other committees, as well as the Board. However, it has never been made clear what the status of investors is within AREF.

While this does not materially change the status quo within AREF at all, it is hoped this subtle change will invoke a greater connection with AREF and hence help improve awareness of AREF among investors over time.

We encourage all our fund members to write to their investors about this please, or perhaps mention it in client reports and investor meetings, inviting them to join.