30 Mar 2021

In January we launched AREF Connect - Our Digital Networking solution, proudly sponsored by CMS UK. This initative offered all our members (including FutureGen and Investor Members) the opportunity to expand their network digitally through informal virtual 'meetings' of up to 6 people, held quarterley throughout 2021. 

We have now hosted the inaugural meetings and had a fantastic response from members. Below are some testimonials from those involved. 


"Thank you both so much for co-ordinating and leading such an enjoyable and valuable call yesterday. I think the Connect concept is brilliant and I'm very grateful for the invitation. We only scratched the surface with the topics we discussed yesterday, but the list set out in your slides looks great to me. And yes, let's hope we can all meet up in person again before too long!"


"Many thanks and many thanks for hosting today. It was lovely to meet everyone on the call and honestly just good to see some new faces and exchange Covid war stories. Hopefully we can do it again at some point in the future."


"I’ve hosted and attended two successful AREF connect events – the FutureGen one and then the one run by the Education and Training Committee. The FutureGen one we just went ahead with a date where the majority of people could attend and then organised another one in the evening (the gin tasting), but that was kindly provided by one of the attendees! I found them useful and think the other people did too…"


"Thanks for your time earlier and for contributing to what was a fun and interesting session. It shows how comfortable we’ve all got with virtual meetings that we can throw relative strangers together and conversation flows so freely though I think we can all agree that we’re looking forward to it being in person with a glass of wine!"


To join the next round of digital networking please click here and fill in the attached form. 


Eve Holloway

Eve Holloway

Marketing Executive, AREF

Eve helps with the administrative side of AREF, including running events, updating the website and marketing.

Eve previously worked for The Investment Association. She has worked in financial services since 2013.