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Post-event materials - Webinar: How to Tokenise an Asset - Monday 14th June 2021

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Post-event materials - FutureGen Educational Series 2021 Event 1 - 26th May 2021

The Investment Association Annual Conference 2021

Education & Training Committee - Update

Sponsor announced for The AREF Pub-chat Podcast Series 2 : 'The Road to Recovery'

Property Investors' Voice

Events from Women Talk Real Estate

An update on AREF Connect - Our digital Networking Solution

EmTech: The Future of Investment Management (free event to AREF members) - 2nd March 2021

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Stewardship Code Introductory Event - for the Real Estate Industry - 24th February

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Watch the replay - AREF Turnover Rents Webinar - 2nd February 2021

Launching 'AREF Connect' - Our digital networking solution, sponsored by CMS

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