28 Mar 2024

Introducing the AREF Mentorship Scheme 2024!

This year, we're making a change. While still partnering with CREFC Europe, we're hosting the scheme on our website instead of a third-party platform used last year, making it easier for members. The scheme will be open to all members from both associations, this setup offers a broad range of potential connections.

Why become a Mentor?

Becoming a mentor enables individuals to share their knowledge and experiences, positively impacting someone else's journey. Mentor's can guide, support, and inspire mentees, helping them realise their full potential by offering tailored guidance, feedback, and encouragement. Mentoring fosters personal growth, enhances leadership skills, and brings fulfillment through contributing to others' success.

Why become a Mentee?

Joining a mentorship scheme as a mentee provides access to valuable guidance and support from experienced professionals. As mentioned above, mentor's offer insights, share knowledge, and provide tailored feedback to help mentees grow personally and professionally. Additionally, mentorship schemes offer networking opportunities, allowing mentees to expand their connections and access new possibilities for advancement.

Calling all Mentors and Mentees

If you're interested in being a Mentor, Mentee, or both, we'd love to hear from you!  Please complete the brief form below and we'll contact you through the next steps.

What to expect?

Upon registering your interest, we'll reach out to:

  1. Confirm or create your biography.
  2. Understand your preference regarding the number of Mentors you'd like to connect with throughout the year.

All Mentor bios will be showcased on a dedicated Mentorship webpage on our site, visible to Mentees. Mentees can browse through the bios and select a Mentor to connect with.

Once connected via email through us, Mentors and Mentees can schedule meetings at their convenience. Regular updates may be beneficial.

Interested in joining the Mentorship Scheme?

To sign up as a mentor or mentee, kindly complete the form below and submit. We'll be in touch shortly to discuss the next steps.


The AREF Team


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Clare Whyte

Clare Whyte

Head of Marketing & Events, AREF

Clare is responsible for all aspects of the planning, development and execution of the marketing strategy for AREF. 

Clare leads on event management, liaising with committees and members to schedule, plan and deliver an effective events calendar for the association.  She also has overall responsibility for brand, as well as the design, development and production of marketing across both digital and offline channels, including the website.