28 Apr 2023

There’s a new government consultation on reforming the way UK-based investors allocate to real estate. We’ve welcomed it warmly - below - and look forward to engaging with the government on the detail.

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David Butcher

David Butcher

Founder, Communications & Content

Communications and Content exists to help investment and financial brands communicate with more imagination, energy and purpose.

David Butcher founded the business in September 2017, because he wanted to distil his long experience and understanding of investment and financial communications into a format that any client could use.

Back in the late 1990s, David was working in media relations with clients such as Citywire.co.uk and Moneysupermarket.com – and rapidly came to realise that the key to effective financial communications is compelling story telling, supported by good quality empirical evidence.

Over a long career, in consultancy and in-house roles, David has evolved this approach across corporate positioning, thought leadership, corporate communications, product communications, content and client communications, including request for proposals.