28 May 2020

Open End Fund Pricing Project

Consultation Paper

We are pleased to announce the launch of the Open End Fund Pricing Consultation Paper, representing the second phase of an industry-wide project conducted in collaboration with INREV, offering insights into the complexities around the pricing of institutional open end real estate funds.  The report can be downloaded below.

The Consultation Paper, which includes a highly relevant section relating to pricing policy during exceptional market circumstances, introduces a practical set of recommendations for investment managers to consider for active monitoring and governance of pricing models and their assumptions.

The Paper seeks to ensure that pricing models are designed and implemented to deliver fair and transparent outcomes for all investors. The recommendations are also aimed at facilitating the development of larger scale ODCE vehicles.

Feedback on Consultation Paper

Members are invited to give feedback on the recommendations and insights laid out so far in the industry wide consultation paper. All comments will be considered by AREF and INREV and an assessment will be made if the recommendations can be reflected in a future update of the guidelines.  Please download and complete the questions on the Consultation Feedback Form found below and return to info@aref.org.uk.

Webinar / Briefing Call

For more information from the webinar on 18th June 2020 click here

Documents to Download:

Phase 2 Consultation

Phase 2 Consultation Paper - May 2020

Phase 2 Supporting Document - May 2020

Phase 2 Consultation Feedback Form - May 2020


Phase 1 Consultation

Snapshot of Phase 1 Conclusions - July 2018

Phase 1 Report - July 2018

Read Event Summary from 12 December 2016.

Initial Consultation

Download Initial Consultation

For further information, please email us: info@aref.org.uk.