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Illiquid Assets and Patient Capital

Member only content

New AIFMD marketing rules - how might they impact AREF members?

DWP Consulation on DC schemes and illiquid assets - AREF response

Investment Week: The Patient Capital Initiative

FCA consultation on Patient Capital & Authorised Funds (DP18-10) - AREF response

FCA consultation on proposed amendment to COBS 21.3 (CP18-40) - AREF response

FCA consultation on illiquid assets & open-ended funds (CP 18-27) - AREF response

EU Commission's report on the operation of AIFMD

KPMG survey on AIFMD - AREF response

Guiding Principles for Future EU-UK Relations the real estate investment

AREF Roundtable discussing the FCA consultation paper on illiquid assets and open-ended funds (CP18/27)

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