26 Jan 2024

On January 26th, AREF proudly hosted a webinar on behalf of the Property Industry Alliance, focusing on the UK Net Zero Carbon Buildings Standard (UK NZCBS), attended by circa 300 people.

The session commenced with a brief overview of the Standard by Moderator Bill Hughes, Chairman of the PIA & Member of the Governance Board of NZC BS. Following this introduction, David Partridge, Chair of the Governance Board of the UK NZCBS, and Katie Clemence-Jackson, Chair of the Technical Steering Group of the UK NZCBS, delivered a comprehensive presentation. They addressed the necessity and structure of the Standard, its developmental process, the anticipated publication timeline, insights from the Summer 2023 Consultation and pertinent discussion points. Sarah Ratcliffe, Member of the Governance Board of the Standard also joined the panel discussion.

The session also featured several audience poll questions to engage participants.

Special thanks to our speakers:

  • Moderated by: Bill Hughes, Chairman of PIA and Member of the Governance Board of NZCBS
  • Speaker: David Partridge, Chair of the Governance Board of the UK NZCBS (the Standard)
  • Speaker: Katie Clemence-Jackson, Chair of the Technical Steering Group, UK NZCBS (the Standard)
  • Speaker: Sarah Ratcliffe, Member of the Governance Board of the Standard and Chair of the Green Property Alliance

Below, you'll discover a recording of the entire webinar, an audio podcast, and the slide pack, as well as contact details to get in touch with the UK NZCBS.

Watch the full recording

Download the slides

Listen to the audio podcast

Enquiries for Net Zero Carbon Buildings Standard

For additional details, you can connect with the UK NZCBS through the following channels:

X @NZCBStandard

LinkedIn UK NZC Buildings Standard

Email [email protected]

Web nzcbuildings.co.uk





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