25 Mar 2020

Due to the evolving situation with COVID-19, we have decided to postpone the AREF Summer Drinks Reception by a year. 

We are pleased to confirm we will host the Summer Drinks at the beautiful venue The Listing, Cannon Street in June 2021 and we are extremely grateful to our sponsor, Crestbridge, who have confirmed they are happy to roll-forward their sponsorship to the event next year.

Sponsor for 2021 Summer Drinks Reception is Crestbridge


The decision to postpone is consistent with HMG’s Guidance and in line with the practice that we see in member firms. Click here for AREF's policy regarding COVID-19/ Coronavirus.


Eve Holloway

Eve Holloway

Marketing Executive, AREF

Eve helps with the administrative side of AREF, including running events, updating the website and marketing.

Eve previously worked for The Investment Association. She has worked in financial services since 2013.