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AREF Questionnaire Working Group

We have formed a working group to take a much needed look at the role, demand and relevance of the AREF Questionnaire. We would like to collate views from investors and advisers and understand the time and effort required by fund managers.  We are also liaising with INREV who are conducting a similar exercise with their members.
The AREF Questionnaire was originally created to demonstrate transparency about the key features, portfolio structure and risks embedded in individual funds.  However, over time the Questionnaire has evolved and additional data requirements are also often sought.
Below is a link to a short survey.  We have asked our full fund members to forward the survey to their investors and/or consultants, both those based in the UK and elsewhere.
We are keen to receive as many responses as possible, no matter how brief, and encourage broader comments on the Questionnaire or pooled fund products produced by MSCI/IPD, via the survey or by emailing us at  

We intend to propose a separate consultation with fund management teams once investor responses have been collated.  However fund managers should also feel free to comment at this stage should they so wish.

For copies of the IPD Property Funds Database Data Collection Template (DCT) and Pooled Property Questionnaire which together we have defined as the current version of the ‘AREF Questionnaire’ - please email:
We hope you agree this is an important and worthwhile exercise and we thank you in anticipation of your assistance.

Link to Survey


AREF Questionnaire Working Group Members:
·       Ian Mason, AEW UK Investment Managers
·       Rachel Childs, Aberdeen Asset Management
·       Tony Yu, Kames Capital
·       Alistair Dryer, Aviva Investors
·       Jamie Phillips, CBRE Global Investors
·       Hannah Marshall, CBRE Global Investors
·       John Harding, BlackRock Real Assets
·      Antony Sander, UBS Asset Management

·       James Allum, Columbia Threadneedle