The property investment industry is playing an ever more prominent role in people’s lives in many ways. 

Property has always played an important part in investment portfolios, historically as a diversifier against equities and bonds, but in recent years its role as a provider of income in a low-interest-rate, low-bond-yield world has come to the fore.  As a major consumer of energy and emitter of carbon dioxide, property has a prominent role to play in combating climate change. 

​ESG is one of AREF's strategic priorities for 2021: ​


Property is responsible for around 40% of UK carbon emissions and creates the environment in which we live, work and play.  Property funds therefore have a crucial role to play in the ESG agenda.


Through initiatives such as GRESB, which AREF supports, real estate is in a leading position among investment asset classes with regard to measuring and managing environmental impact.  AREF will be working with GRESB, members and other partners to consolidate our industry’s position as a leader in this field.


Property has a profound effect on people’s lives through architecture, the design of buildings and public spaces, and the training and development of its own employees.  This is likely to become even more important during the “build back better” phase of the recovery from COVID-19, particularly in High Streets and town centres.  AREF will work to ensure that the property investment industry plays its full part in developing a built environment that works for all its users.


AREF is a leader in fund governance and transparency through its Code of Practice (Code).  We are working on refining the Code and making it more principles and outcome-based rather than rules-based.



The AREF ESG 5 Year Roadmap


Featuring six exclusive short films on:

SFDR & EU Taxonomy
Net Zero Carbon
Scope 3 Emissions

Listen to ESG industry experts explain what each theme is, when you'll be affected, why you should care and importantly how to prepare!



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03 Sep 2021

SFDR & EU Taxonomy

Watch the 10 minute podcast. LISTEN to ESG experts, LEARN how you'll be affected, WHY you should care and importantly, HOW TO PREPARE!


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