Retail Funds Committee - Update

The Committee is currently leading AREF’s response to FCA CP20/15 and considering whether indemnities should be permitted for property sales. Click for more info.

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FCA CP21/12: A new authorised fund regime for investing in long term assets (LTAF)

View AREF's response to the FCA consultation (CP21/12) on a new category of authorised open-ended fund called the long-term asset fund (LTAF).

FCA FS21/8: Feedback to consultation paper (CP20/15) on liquidity mismatch in authorised open-ended property funds

AREF and the IA jointly responded to CP20/15 in November 2020. FCA FS21/8 gives feedback to this response, click for more information.

IOSCO Survey on Liquidity Risk Management Recommendations and Responses to COVID-19

To inform both the Thematic Review of the Recommendations for Liquidity Risk Management for Collective Investment Schemes and the Joint Analysis with FSB, IOSCO has issued a Market Participants' Survey. Click for more information.

Liquidity Management Contingency Plans

AREF has produced a template which AFMs can use as a basis for their requests for information from intermediate holders.

FCA consultation CP20/15: Liquidity mismatch in authorised open-ended property funds

Click to read more about this consultation

The FCA's property plans make the case for open-ended funds stronger

View this article looking at ways in which the property fund sector can continue to provide long-term investment opportunities, from Paul Richards, MD at AREF

The FCA's property plans make the case for open-ended funds stronger

The use of a notice period may bring benefits to savers and investors. This article was featured in CityWire Wealth Manager.

FCA rules and fund suspensions due to material valuation uncertainty

Click to read which type of funds are affected by new FCA rules on fund suspensions due to material uncertainty.

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Illiquid Assets and Patient Capital

View the update on this topic.

FCA to consult on open-ended daily dealt property funds

Chris Woolard, Interim Chief Executive at the FCA gave a speech announcing the FCA’s intention to openly consult on potential policy options to better manage the liquidity mismatch of open-ended daily dealt property funds.

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Volunteers for the AREF Secondary Markets Working Group

AREF have re-launched the Secondary Markets Working Group, a sub-group of AREF Investors Committee

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