21 Nov 2023

Our new educational series on debt funds has kicked-off - and what a great start!

During this first session, we had three panellists: Christian Janssen, Head of Real Estate Debt for Europe at Nuveen; Kristina Foster, Fund Manager, Schroders; and Paul Richards, CEO at AREF.

This session provided valuable insights into real estate debt funds, their evolution pre and post the GFC, the rise of non-bank lending. We took a good look at current market conditions and the challenges and opportunities for fund managers and investors alike. We also got a very clear understanding of what real estate debt funds provide investors, the different approaches fund managers may take to lending, and the outlook for these funds in 2024. 

Among the many questions put to them by delegates, the panel shared their views on how they think around ESG issues and how these funds deal with this enormous topic.   

If you would like all the details, please follow the podcast link below and take a look at the very clear slides our panellists talked to.

We would like to thank both Kristina and Christian for all their excellent insights, Darren Stolzenberg (CMS, and Chair of AREF’s Education & Training Committee) for moderating and RSM for kindly hosting this breakfast seminar.  

Keep an eye out for our next event in this series on debt funds – coming soon!


  • Kristina Foster, Fund Manager, Schroders 
  • Christian Janssen, Managing Director and Head of Real Estate Debt for Europe at Nuveen 
  • Paul Richards, Managing Director, AREF 
  • Moderator: Darren Stolzenberg, Partner, CMS

Listen to the recording:

Please note:  Unfortunately the recording didn't come out well and we are a little disappointed with it, we apologise that this is not up to our usual standard.

Recording timings:
Paul Richards:  00:01 - 03:30
Christian Janssen: 03:30 - 18:35
Kristina Foster: 18:35 - 37:00
Questions for the panel from the audience: 37:15 - 56:53


View the Slides:

Click here or the image below to download the slides.




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