To have a small fixed membership with the flexibility to draw upon external specialist support to consider regulatory and policy matters, that do not fall directly under other committees. To assist AREF in responding to consultations and in dialogue on policy with regulators, government bodies and other professional and trade bodies. The specific remit of the PPC would be to consider legislation and regulatory matters affecting property funds.

Membership Structure (Preferred)

Independent Regulatory Advisers (Permanent contributors) No more than 4 AREF Affiliate members
Subject matter experts (To be called upon as appropriate) Members and non-members of AREF
AREF Secretariat 1


Current Membership


  • To monitor political, regulatory and other policy developments, that may affect AREF members. Members of the Committee and AREF Secretariat to advise the Committee by email of any new policy changes or developments as they become aware of them.
  • To correspond by email to consider if AREF should respond to or liaise with others on any new policy changes or developments. If necessary, AREF Secretariat to set up a follow up call for the Committee.
  • To assist AREF in responding to policy consultations in conjunction with other AREF committees and other professional/trade bodies, where appropriate. If necessary, set up a working group with the relevant knowledge and experience gathered from both AREF members and non-members.
  • With the assistance of AREF Secretariat, share draft responses to consultations with AREF members and obtain their views.
  • To inform AREF members on proposed policy changes by, for example, webinars, panel discussions and AREF newsletter articles.
  • To oversee and monitor the progression of ongoing policy developments and changes that could affect AREF members.
  • To keep the Management Committee updated on the work being undertaken by the Committee.
  • Review terms of reference annually

Reports to

AREF Management Committee

Liaises with

Other AREF Committees, as appropriate
Other real estate and investment organisations as required. (Appendix 2)


Policy Working Groups

Meeting timing and frequency

Quarterly full meetings with a conference call halfway between (approximately 6 weeks).