Public Policy Committee - Update

The Committee is looking at fund liquidity management, Brexit, and the Professional Investor Fund. Click for more info.

AREF CTI Reporting Q&A

We have added Question 32 and 33 to the AREF CTI Reporting Q&A. Any questions on the CTI can be referred to AREF CTI & Expense Ratio Working Group.

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Illiquid Assets and Patient Capital

View the update on this topic.

Sustainability disclosure 

The consultation on the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation “SFDR” Regulatory Technical Standards for sustainability reporting is hugely significant for the real estate industry.

Cost Transparency Initiative

View materials on the Cost Transparency Initiative (CTI)

FCA publishes Feedback Statement on Illiquid Assets and Patient Capital

Click to read the the key points from the FCA Statement

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New AIFMD marketing rules - how might they impact AREF members?

The European Parliament and European Council have finalised the text of a new Directive...

DWP Consulation on DC schemes and illiquid assets - AREF response

Investment Week: The Patient Capital Initiative

FCA consultation on Patient Capital & Authorised Funds (DP18-10) - AREF response

FCA consultation on proposed amendment to COBS 21.3 (CP18-40) - AREF response

FCA consultation on illiquid assets & open-ended funds (CP 18-27) - AREF response

EU Commission's report on the operation of AIFMD

KPMG survey on AIFMD - AREF response

Guiding Principles for Future EU-UK Relations the real estate investment

AREF Roundtable discussing the FCA consultation paper on illiquid assets and open-ended funds (CP18/27)

BEIS consultation on Draft Registration of Overseas Entities Bill - AREF response

BEIS consultation on UK Limited Partnership: Reform of limited partnership law - AREF response

MiFiD II and Non UCITS Retail Schemes

FCA discussion paper on illiquid assets and open ended funds (DP17-1) - AREF response

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