18 Apr 2024

The Committee is currently discussing:

  • Their second event in the Debt Funds series.  See event page for more details on the first event which took place in November.
  • Planning the AREF Conference in June - see event page for more details.
  • An online training/educational 'hub' on the AREF website.

The Committee has organised a number of events and inititives over the last 12 months, including:

  • In June 23, the committee helped organise the following event: Vision 23: Half Time Commentary: A game of two halves (link) : as a follow-up from January's Vision event, looking at the markets and what's happened to them since January.
  • In June 23, the committee published a new Podcast "Advice for Landlords on Commercial Tenant Financial Difficulties" - produced in partnership with Travers Smith and CMS, our expert lawyers from England and Scotland discuss what a landlord might be able to do if one of its tenants stops paying its rent or goes into an insolvency process.  View the podcast here.
  • In January 23, the committee helped organise the Vision 23 event.
  • In May 22 the committee delivered a webinar covering the crucial challenges for the construction and real estate industries, you can view the recording here
  • A webcast series called 'Real Estate Around the Globe' with speakers from Asia, USA, Europe and Australia - talking about their experiences in real estate and how the markets are performing. This webcast series was released throughout March and April, you can find the full series here.
  • In January 22 the committee hosted the first of a two-part event series on the commercial rent debt accrude during the pandemic. You can find more details on this event here. Watch out for the follow up event later on this year.

Long Term Objectives

  • A series of guides on 'Back to Basics'
  • A Half Day Conference
  • Paid E&T program
  • Topical Thoughtpieces

Next meeting:  November 2023

View more on the committee here.


Darren Stolzenberg

Darren Stolzenberg

Partner, CMS Cameron McKenna Nabarro Olswang LLP

Darren is Chair of the AREF Education & Training Committee. He is a Partner in CMS UK's Funds and Indirect Real Assets team. He is qualified in Australia and England, and has been practising law in London since 1999.


Darren has acted on a large and varied number of real assets transactions, often with an international element. He now focuses on structuring transactions through indirect vehicles such as companies, limited partnerships, unit trusts and offshore vehicles. He advises on UK and international fund establishments, joint ventures, corporatised asset sales and acquisitions and also advises investors looking to invest in UK, pan-European and global funds.