24 May 2021

A high level summary of what's being discussed in recent committee meetings:

  • The Committee have planned the 2021 Educational Series and the first event is on 26th May 2021 - for more information view the event page here
  • The Committee are releasing a survey to find out how attitudes to working from home have changed over the past 12 months, and what the world of work could look like in the future. The results from this survey will be released as a whitepaper. 
  • The Committee are liaising with AREF's ESG & Social Impact Investing on a joint event in 2021.
  • In 2020 the Committee launched 'FutureGen Connect', offering our FutureGen Network the opportunity to expand their network digitally. This initative is ongoing until face to face networking becomes a reality again. 
  • In 2020 the Committee produced a whitepaper, based on results from a survey of the FutureGen Network, looking at how young professionals feel about working from home during, and after the current crisis. You can read the full paper here.
  • In 2020 the Committee collaborated with the E&T Committee and Residential Committee on a joint event on 'Wellness in the Living Space', focussing on the residential sector. 
  • The Committee produced the 2020 educational series 'The Bricks and Mortar of Real Estate'
  • The site visits have been postponed until further notice.

Short Term Objectives

  • Collaborate with other Committees/ industry bodies
  • Rotate members of this committee onto other AREF committees
  • Increase FutureGen engagement in AREF Committees by having a FutureGen rep on other committees (the rep could attend the FutureGen Committee meetings for three months at the beginning of their committee term, and after this will join the FutureGen committee quarterly to align goals between committees)
  • Increase membership numbers by at least 25% each year
  • ½ day conference
  • Host events with other associations to access potential new members in cities like Birmingham and Manchester.

Long Term Objectives

  • New initiatives/ working towards changing the industry
  • Support younger industry members
  • Policy changes in the workplace (maternity leave in firms/ diversity/ flexible working)
  • Diversity in recruitment – Charity days/ inspiring people into new job opportunities

Next meeting: 29 June 2021

View more on the committee here.


Tom Pinnell

Tom Pinnell

Langham Hall

Tom joined the Real Estate division of Langham Hall in July 2019, as an Associate Director.  He works primarily with UK Real Estate managers in the setup and ongoing administration of various investment structures.

Prior to this, Tom worked at global fund administration firm Vistra.

Tom has a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Cardiff University, graduating in 2013, and is currently studying towards becoming a CAIA charterholder.