Events from Women Talk Real Estate

View these excellent courses, aimed at women in the RE Industry which we think may be of interest to our member.

Reminder: UK PFI deadlines Q3 2021

AREF’s superb Pub-chat Podcast series draws to a close……

SFDR & EU Taxonomy Video Podcast

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Looking for Affiliate Members to review 2020 Code of Practice Self-Certifications

AREF are looking for volunteers from our Affiliate members to carry out the review of the 2020 Code of Practice Self-Certifications.

MSCI/AREF Quarterly Property Fund Index results for Q2 2021

Residential Property Developer Tax - HMT consultation

The government published a consultation on the design of the Residential Property Developer Tax ahead of its inclusion in the 2021-22 Finance Bill. The consultation runs until 22 July 2021.

Equity Impact Project

We are delighted to share with members two reports AREF has co-sponsored, coming out of the Equity Impact Project, spearheaded by The Good Economy and Big Society Capital. Click to view the reports.

An update ahead of the summer holidays! from Paul Richards

Since my last Newsletter, the team has undertaken a huge amount of activity across consultation responses, events and collaboration with the IA. After the summer we expect to be involved, alongside members and other trade associations, in further engagement with policymakers around the consequences of recent policy decisions for the attractiveness of UK real estate. 

AREF Guidance for Investors: Questions to ask your Property Fund Manager

This simple guide is intended to provide some assistance to investors who may not be fully familiar with real estate investment and dealing with property fund managers.

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FCA CP21/12: A new authorised fund regime for investing in long term assets (LTAF)

View AREF's response to the FCA consultation (CP21/12) on a new category of authorised open-ended fund called the long-term asset fund (LTAF).

MSCI announce outcome of consultations in relation to the MSCI/AREF UK Quarterly Property Fund Index

MSCI have announced the conclusion from its recent consultation with the UK real estate investment community on the incorporation of a time-weighted return (TWR) methodology for use in the MSCI/AREF UK Quarterly Property Fund Index.

Investment20/20 - Autism Awareness Webinar - 7th July 2021

Investment20/20 will explore how autistic young people can be supported into a career in investment management. Click for more information about this webinar.

Sustainable Finance Disclosures

AREF Research Award - submission deadline extended to 15th July 2021

Due to popular request the date for submissions for the AREF Research Award has been extended to 15th July 2021.

New cross-border distribution rules for EU AIFs

This is a reminder that, as part of wider set of new rules relating to cross-border distribution of funds (CBDF), new rules on the cross-border distribution of alternative investment funds in the EU are due to take effect on 2 August this year, subject to national implementation in each EU state.

The continuing rise of the REIT

Recent tax changes have made Real Estate Investment Trusts (“REITs”) a more attractive vehicle for UK property investment. This trend will only continue due to increased corporation tax from 2023, and widely-expected changes to the UK’s REIT regime....

Inviting submissions for the AREF Awards 2021

We are delighted to announce details of the AREF Annual Awards 2021. This year we have added a new award to the line up 'The AREF Research Award' as well as adding a new criteria for the 'Investors' Award for Outstanding Achievement'. Both are now open for members to submit their entry. For more details, including criteria, click here.

REMINDER: Calling all Fund Members - award submission deadline extended to 15th July 2021

Reminder: the deadline for submissions to the Investors' Award for Outstanding Achievement has been extended to 15th July 2021. This year we have added new criteria - Click for more details.

IA Europe update: New EFAMA President, Vice Presidents, and Board members

View the IA's update on changes at EFAMA.

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