30 Jun 2020

Listen to the replay of the COVID Forum #6, the last in this series - this recording is available to the public - filmed on 30th June 2020.

Moderator John Forbes led the expert panel, who shared their insights of the last few weeks and discussed various issues relating to the current real estate market, including: thoughts on valuation uncertainty and rents, with a guest appearence from Charles Woollam, Remit Consulting with some initial figures for the June quarter-end (see below); and some slightly gloomy predictions for the next year looking at a global recession which will hit the UK public once the support from furlough schemes are no longer available. 

We would like to thank John Forbes for expertly moderating the series and the panel for their candid discussion in this session. The panel were as follows:

  • Chair - John Forbes, Independent Consultant, John Forbes Consulting
  • Mark Bunney, Head of Indirect Property Team, Kames Capital
  • Zeynep Fetvaci, Director Corporate Finance - Global Funds Advisory at Jones Lang LaSalle
  • Karen Fox, Fund Manager, Kames Capital
  • Naomi Green, Fund Manager, Schroders

A summary of the statistics reported on rent collections for the June quarter-day by Charles Woollam, Remit Consulting

Charles gave a short caveat that data is still being collected so these figures would shortly be out of date. This shows rent collection stats for the June quarter-day (24th), as at today, 30th June. Remit Consulting expect data from 100,000 tenancies, however the figures below are based on the sample gathered so far of 12,000 tenancies. These figures have not been analysed yet.

This compares with the march quarter-day where data was gathered covering 80,000 tenancies. The long term average is based on Remit Consulting's two-yearly survey of 550,000 leases. The data below is based on percentage of rents due which will be different from rents due pre-Covid as concessions have been made.

All Property:

  •  41% of rents expected were paid on the due date (compared with 48% in March and long term average of 79%). This makes June look slightly worse than March, but may be considerably worse as June data may exclude concessions, rent holidays, insolvencies etc given during the last Quarter. 
  • Service charges stand at 39%, against 36% in March and long term average of 73%. 

Percentage of Rents paid by sector:


  • 26% of rent (no data from June)
  • 16% of service charge

All retail:

  • rent 42% (41% in March)
  • service charges 28% (28% in March)


  • rent 42% (was 44% in March)
  • service charges 67% (29% in March)


  • rent 46% (down from 57% in March)
  • service charges 41% (42% in March)


  • rent 47% (against 51% in March)
  • service charges 41% (39% in March) 

The full report and analysis is available on the Remit Consulting website here

View the recording:

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