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Post-event materials - FutureGen Educational Series 2021 Event 1 - 26th May 2021

The AREF FutureGen Committee held the first, in our three part 2021 educational series focusing on 'Real Estate - The Investor's Perspective'. Kindly sponsored by Carey Olsen, the webinar had over 90 members of the FutureGen Network register to attend. View post-event materials including a recording here.

Recording: FutureGen Educational Series2020 - 'The Bricks and Mortar of Real Estate' Event 3: Valuations

The FutureGen Educational Series 2020 'Bricks and Mortar of Real Estate'

View the videos and slides here!

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Recording: FutureGen Educational Series 2020 - 'The Bricks and Mortar of Real Estate' Event 2: Acquisitions & Transactions

Event Summary - Wellness in the Living Space - 22nd September 2020

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Post event summary: How does Climate change affect our portfolios? Joint AREF FutureGen/BPF Futures Event - 7 November 2019

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Slides from AREF FutureGen/BPF Futures event on Climate Change - 7 Nov.pdf

Did you miss the Fund Life Cycle Series? View video and slides here!

Over three sessions, speakers covered: current structures available; regulation; product development; tax implications; and the launching & deployment of a new fund.

FutureGen Fund Life Cycle 'back to basics' Event 3: Fund Launch & Deployment (promo video)

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FutureGen Fund Life Cycle 'back to basics' Event 3: Fund Launch and Deployment (full event)

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